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It is a two tone duo scrunchie, it is a cool tone for everyday looks. 

Sizes available:¬†Ruffled:¬†Double the size of your regular scrunchies,¬†Approximately¬†5‚ÄĚ in diameter.

Reference picture given.


  • 100%¬†Polyester (Satin)
  • Handmade¬†in¬†India
  • Wraps approximately 2x¬†around hair
  • Elastic approximately 6-8‚ÄĚ
  • Check out our¬†Scrunchie Care Instructions.

    Colors may vary slightly due to difference in lighting.

    Jewellery Care Instruction

    Store In Dry And Air Tight Space Away From Moisture. Avoid Wearing In Humid Conditions & Avoid Rough Usage.

    Scrunchie Care Instructions

    Scrunchies that are shiny, durable, comfortable & stretchable, and an elastic inner rubber band can fix your hair well without hurting or leaving marks and won't tangle or pull on the hair.

    Just like your clothes, your scrunchies are made of fabric and can be washed! For the safety of our scrunchies we have two recommended ways to wash your scrunchies!

    HOW TO HAND WASH YOUR SCRUNCHIESAlways separate your lights and darks from each other to wash separatelyPlace your scrunchies in a large bowl or in the sinkAdd water to a large bowl with warm water or plug your sink and fill it upAdd in a few drops of laundry detergent or regular shampooWash them with your hands thoroughlyRinse the detergent offLay them out to dry on top of a towel or hang to dryHOW TO MACHINE WASH YOUR SCRUNCHIES

    We do not recommend machine washing rayon, linen, wool or silk. If you are unsure what material your scrunchie is made out of check the product page for details!

    Be sure to not throw in the scrunchies alone into the machinePlace your scrunchie in a laundry bag, net bag or even in an empty pillow case!Wash on the delicate cycle or choose the hand wash option on your machineChoose warm or cold water with the lowest spin cycle possibleWe always recommend to let them hang drySCRUNCHIE CARE

    Storing your scrunchies properly can help them last longer. We recommend storing them on a scrunchie holder. Shop & proudly display your Scrunchie collection.

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